Iced coffee and being “poisoned”

So I learned the hard way about making sure I always check what goes into my drinks and it made me decide to add a new category of posts detailing tales and tips of how not to get glutened.
We went to the beach today to watch Anita’s niece and nephews do surf life saving, it was pretty hot and I needed caffiene. So naturally an iced coffee sounded sure to hit the spot.

When I’ve had them before they’ve literally been what it says on the tin…an iced coffee. How wrong I was on this occasion not to check. I ordered my coffee skinny and when it arrived I took a great big gulp…I soon realised there was an extra ingredient!


Since being in Australia the only ice cream I’ve had comes in the form of a Magnum almond, simply because I haven’t found another one that is gluten free. Big problem when I realised, yet too late to do anything about it. I also didn’t expect full fat ice cream in a skinny coffee…it just doesn’t seem logical. It’s not like I ordered a smoothie!

A few hours later and my signature head ache and bloated tummy started to gripe me so I decided to hit the hay. It is now 06:00am and I’ve slept a total of an hour broken up into bitesized naps, all because of bloating, griping tummy pain, headache and my body being completely restless.

So my tip for you is…

Whether you are ordering an iced coffee or a harmless smoothie always ask the barista if there is ice cream in the ingredients, especially if a drink description is not on the board or menu. If there is ask them to check the ingredients to make sure it is gluten free.

So fellow Celiacs and gluten intollerants…


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2 thoughts on “Iced coffee and being “poisoned”

  1. I was hiking with my fiancee a while ago and we came across this little (weird) shop that advertised boldly their extensive selection of gluten free goodies. I thought I had walked through an enchanted forest and found nirvana.. yei! Wrong again. Other than their self-proclaimed mixed gluten/free bakery there wasn’t much to be desired. So I ordered the ONE thing they couldn’t possibly mess up; an ice coffee.

    After in-depth gluten-free questioning about most every product on their shelves, one would think that any further explanation about the coffee would be somewhat surplus.. So the only thing I added was that I’m lactose intolerant so they needed to use soy milk. Cool.

    Out came a cup that at some point must have had a shot of coffee on the bottom, but which upon further decoration resembled a cream puff cake. Choc chip ice cream, a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate topping ,sprinkles, and ta da; a cookie stuffed into the cream. They had even managed to use a soy milk containing malt. It was so ridiculous that I hardly knew what to say.. If nothing else they should have been able to gather that the ice cream and whipped cream might upset my lactose frees stomach a little. Heck, that fatty mountain would upset anyones stomach for that matter!

    Anyways.. long outburst aside; Great blog 🙂


    • Ohhh man your tale of gluten horror makes me cringe. I still don’t understand why the food industry isn’t educated…and I really don’t get how they muck up something so simple.

      It also made me think about adding a new page of places to avoid … but that may get me into too much trouble.

      I am very lucky to not be lactose intollerant, I just don’t think I would cope without real yogurt and bread, so I can only imagine your frustration.

      Thanks for the comment, keep reading and spread the word 🙂

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