The Seaford Hotel (review)

Before we decided to eat at the Seaford Hotel (31/01/2012) we checked out the menu online (here) and we were pleasantly surprised that it boasted some gluten free meals, I say some because they have three (which is more than I get at home in most places that aren’t La Tasca). So we booked a table for 7 and headed for the door.

Initially the appearance of the hotel wowed me with a sculpture and water feature but once inside it resembled any ordinary funpub in the UK … with the exception that the menu was not as drab. To eat at the Seaford Hotel you must chose your meal and order at the bar, again like a UK funpub. The place was clean and tidy and well laid out, clean and tidy so it really is a pleasant environment.

We were all deciding on a drink and I am a bit of a fussy drinker, I can’t have lagers or ales or bitters for obvious reasons and there are very few wines I like. I usually drink sweet flavoured ciders or alcoholic ginger beer (unless I’m on the spirits) … they had neither and I found that disappointing. So we opted to share two bottles of house wine (dry Sauvignon Blanc and medium sweet Chardonnay), although not really to my sweet taste the Chardonnay was drinkable.

There were some items on there that I would have loved to try if they were gluten free, however, the gluten free choices were not that bad either. The menu is reasonably low priced and most meals fall between the $15-25 mark up, at my exchange rate it works out around £10.08 – 16.80 I was torn between the Mediterranean Lamb Salad or the Risotto of the day and I settled on the lamb, and boy am I glad I did. It came out looking beautiful and tasted better than expected, I wasn’t asked how I wanted my lamb cooked and although I usually have red meat as rare as possible the lamb being medium-well done really did not stop me enjoying my meal.

Overall the venue was clean and well presented, the staff were helpful (even when they had no onion rings for my uncle they offered an alternative or a refund) and the prices were low. All in all I had a really good meal and would go back again.



Mediterranean Lamb Salad

You can find the location of this hotel on the map on my Gluten Free World page, as well as other eateries.


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