Heathrow to Sydney

So the time came to set out for Heathrow airport to catch a flight to Sydney. We flew with Malaysian Airlines at 22:00 from Terminal 4.

Around 4 weeks prior to the flight I called the airline to request gluten free meals. They were extremely helpful and I was set to enjoy my flight.

We boarded the plane which was a shiny new A380 with a wicked in flight entertainment system (they had Pacman, Bookworm and Alchemy…wow). There was just one tiny issue…neither I or Anita had bothered to check how long the flight was to Kuala Lupur, we weren’t too pleased to find out it was 12 hours.

We survived the flight and touched down in Kuala Lumpur with 4 hours to dawdle around and use free wifi for a while. We needed to pee when we left the plain and there is a very funny tale about some Asian toilets and Anita. But I don’t know if she will let me share it with my readers.

4 hours later we boarded the Boeing 737, which was old, smelly and falling apart. Yet we made it safely.

So on both flights the stewardesses knew my seat required gluten free meals and were constantly supplying drinks and snacks if you needed them. So here is a list and some pictures of the gluten free service I received from MA…

Flight 1 – London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur

Snack: Drink and peanuts

Meal 1:

Starter – Prawn salad and gluten free bread roll.

Main – Chicken in seasoned tomato sauce with spinach and potatoes.

Desert – Fruit salad.


I was so excited and I was hungry and yet again ate the meal before taking a picture…it’s becoming a bit of a trademark of mine!

Meal 2:

Starter – Marinated root veg and a gluten free bread roll.

Main – Chicken and beef skewers with mushrooms, asparagus and tomato.

Desert – Fruit salad.


Flight 2 – Kuala Lumpur to Sydney.

Snack: Drink and peanuts.

Meal 1:

Starter – Dressed salad and rice cakes..in place of bread roll.

Main – Chicken in tomato and basil sauce with potato, broccoli and carrots.

Desert – Mixed melon.


Morning snack (in place of breakfast): apple and pear.

So now we are staying with friends in Saratoga, a pretty little area around an hour north of Sydney. My next post will probably be about the area and things. We haven’t done all that much yet due to jet lag and getting used to the 48ºC heat which is crippling for us just now.

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