Packing … What a nightmare

I’ve not posted in a while due to Christmas/New Year celebrations and spending lots of time with family but I have finally come around to the point where I have less than 10 hours before my flight, I have not showered thus far and I am still thinking to myself “Do I have room for that if I might need it?”

In truth packing is the worst nightmare for me, yes partly because I am a clothes and accessory loving female and partly because I have never been away from my home comforts for such a long period of time and who knows what I may need on my journey?!

I want to be practical, keep fit and be me and wear the things I like, I listened to Anita who said a 65L pack would be fine … really?! As it turns out for the first time she was right. We decided to take our old cases and pack our back packs inside them (we did test what we were taking actually fit in them so give us a little credit before you dismiss us for idiots) for the first leg of the journey, sounds silly but we will be staying with friends for our first couple of weeks and Neet has skin like a ginger and burns badly so we have had to take a few bottles of lotion to start us off.

I have put on a little weight even though I’ve been hitting the gym hard, probably because I’ve been eating hard as well (hanging head in shame and self pity). However, most of my clothes still fit even if a little snug. When packing it really is important to look at the weather, the Aussies are having a real heat wave at the minute and anything respectable we need for Asia can be bought in Aus just before we leave in over a years time. The trouble was Rose (mother in law) had done what she does best in the way of hiding my bikinis when she had washed them after our last family holiday, I have spent the last week hunting in the attic for them only to find them at the last minute and shove them in my case.

So, it’s shorts, tanks and tees. Most of mine fold up really small and with vacuum bags that’s great, or so I thought. My problem is I can’t chose and I hate to be without my favourite items plus I need to fit in footwear, underwear, toiletries, girl items and my miscellaneous items (Kindle, journal, pencils, ipod, phone, etc).

So began the nightmare of “but I need it” and “it’s really small it rolls up tiny” and “I need those for the beach and those for going out” and “but I bought it especially for travelling” and “lets just stop packing and put our niece in the bag instead”… and so on!

IMG-20130107-WA0001 IMG-20130109-WA0000 IMG_20130107_110708 IMG_20130109_163335

So I have (in vacuum bags):

  • Tanks x 6
  • tees x 4
  • tops x 2
  • body suits x 3
  • shorts x 6
  • convertible pants x 1
  • leggings x 1
  • jeans x 1
  • hoody x 1
  • button downs x 3
  • converse x 2
  • sandles x 1
  • ipanema flip flops x 1
  • running shoes x 1
  • pants x 9
  • socks x 7
  • rash vest
  • bikinis x 3
  • sports bras.

You may think I’ve packed too much, and you may be right but I have taken quite a few items that I don’t mind chucking once they have served their purpose or when I realise I over estimated. As they say you live and learn and I hope I will learn the “tricks of the trade” so to speak of backpacking. You must remember this is completely new for us and no matter how many tips we look at online each person values many different items.

The rest:

  • passport (remember to photocopy too)
  • both parts of driving licence (remember to photocopy too)
  • toiletries
  • sun lotion
  • aloe vera gel (amazing for skin breakouts and sun burn)
  • make up (bare minerals)
  • travel hair dryer & straighteners
  • journals (blank and Keri Smith – Wreck this journal)
  • kindle
  • sketching pencils
  • camera
  • spare memory card loaded with films
  • flash drive with back ups of all important documents
  • money belts and money of course
  • alcohol gel
  • fresh wipes for on the flight
  • spare vacuum bags
  • travel adapters and chargers
  • ipod and running sensor
  • reading light
  • toastie pockets (gluten free saviours for making toast in shared kitchen)
  • ziploc bags

Let’s see how much of it lasts the test of time, and lets see how much I ditch along the way? I think I will repost a packing list when I figure out what are essentials and what isn’t, probably just before I go to Asia so watch out for one retrospectively.

I know I will need other items of clothing to be respectful to other cultures when I leave Australia, but I’m not going to the wilderness, Australia has shops and I have  a working visa.

By 22:00hrs tonight I will be Sydney bound! Bye Bye England, it’s been emotional!


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