Need Glasses?…Shop around!

So being a wearer of optical lenses does have its merits of allowing me to see the things I love to see, but it is a pain when the astigmatisms in my eyes change quicker than I can keep up with.

So it’s been a year since my last sight test and I have been again to get a new prescription for my travels, and yes it has changed again…sigh!

I dragged my step mum and Anita around every opticians in the town centre and could I find a frame that I like … NOPE! When I eventually found one I could live with the prices were extortionate (the main high street opticians obviously). I then found a frame I loved and copied down the details, Ray Ban 5184 (black and red)…gorgeous. Only the price was somewhere near £200 and not even a BOGOF offer in sight, yes it is purely vanity that makes us want cool frames but in my defence they are on my face every hour that I am not asleep.

SO after hours of soul searching I found a lot of sites via Google offering prescription glasses (as is the norm these days) and low and  behold I found my ideal pair HERE for £75 with free single vision lenses and free delivery … now that’s some fair pricing if you ask me. I checked the reviews on Trust Pilot and all seems good.

So that’s one pair sorted, but isn’t the reason for BOGOF offers so you have an emergency spare? Isn’t that why over the years I’ve let opticians talk me into buying multiple pairs? Isn’t that the reason I have a drawer full of used designer frames that I only “sort of liked” that are still in immaculate condition?

Well not any more I can tell you.

Gone are the days of being a gutless, blinded and gullible consumer.

I also did some calling around local opticians to obtain some prices for re-glazing your old frames, this is pretty cheap and easy if you have standard stock single vision lenses like mine (you should always call and ask if you have anything other than single vision as the prices will be different, especially if you have rimless or semi-rimless frames). I received the following quotes by calling these opticians directly:

Specsavers – £39

Vision Express – £81 (done in an hour if in stock)

Boots – £80 (one week turnaround)

Optical Express – £15 re-glaze charge + £79 for the lenses (1 week turnaround)

Tesco Opticians – £30

Kays Opticians – £46

The Spectacle Centre (a local optician) – £25

Eyeline (a local optician) – £30

It’s easy to see that the major high street opticians are ripping off the general public no end and if you’ve ever been in one of these stores you will know they are ruthless when trying to encourage you to buy.

However, my advice simply isn’t shop around, it’s to consider if you really do need a new pair. If your hard on cash or even if your not but you want to save up for something special really consider a re-glaze. If a friend has some old frames why not ask politely if you could have/buy them and have them re-glazed (if you like them on your face of course)?

I’m a proud frugal person and I save money where I can to buy the things I want…how else do you think I paid for my flight ticket??

But if you really want a new pair and you really do not know what to do with your old frames you could donate them to one of the numerous charities who work with poorer people in difficult situations to help them get their vision back.

Vision Aid Overseas would be really grateful for all donations, see some of their case studies for the work they do. Imagine helping a child to read.

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One thought on “Need Glasses?…Shop around!

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