Why am I blogging? Because I can!

I’ve been quite a few places and experienced quite a few things, the most of them began when I met Anita. For the last 6 years she has been there supporting me (and feeding me, and cleaning my clothes) while I worked 12 hour shifts and studied, we worked, we saved, we worked, we had a holiday and we saved some more.

From the age of 19 we both had to keep our roof over our head, we were told not to rent because it was dead money. Yet we survived the housing market crashing in 2008 because we didn’t have a home to lose or fluctuating mortgage payments to contend with. We were always stable and able to save any extra that we earned.

Then one day we looked at our bank balances and we were at the point where we had enough money for a deposit on a mortgage … now what?

We had a choice – Invest or Blow?

We decided to BLOW it … If blowing it means investing in meeting new and interesting people, having incredible experiences and everything that comes with booking the trip of a lifetime. (For a general idea read/watch Eat, Pray, Love! – Corny but so moving).

Those who know me know I should have been a gypsy, I can’t stand to live in the same house too long and I’m miserable unless I have a trip or a holiday to look forward to. This has been the basis for my decision and more importantly NEED to travel though at least a continent or two in one stretch. I’m 25 if I’m ever going to do it, it has to be now!

Our plan is simple (we just have a list of countries in a loop order) we will be starting in Sydney, Australia for 12 months then we will be moving on to India, Nepal, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand (we will need a holiday to get over the holiday at this point) and that should take us appox 18 months. Hopefully I will find something other to eat that fruit & veg because that will get a little tedious after a while!

How do we feel about it ?  …

We are scared and we are excited, we are tentative yet definite we have made the right decision. To say we don’t have reservations would be a little fib, mainly because we have already been in the responsible adult life for so long it will be quite different for us to throw away that responsibility and simply enjoy what happens (although I’m sure it wont take all that long).

So this blog is for friends, family and anyone else who is mildly interested in what we are doing, when we are doing it and where we are doing it.

This is the beginning of what will certainly be an amazing experience and you can enjoy it with us!!

See you soon!

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